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Black Desert
About Apparitions

Apparitions is a metalcore band, located in Huntsville, AL. Comprised of four members, Apparitions was birthed in 2021, and has been thriving since.


Why "Apparitions"? 

An Apparition is a ghost or ghostlike image of a person: and the appearance of said image is something remarkable, while sometimes unexpected. 

We believe as Apparitions, we are presenting our best - and our best is remarkable. Even if you didn't expect us - here we are. 

Thank you for being here.


Dave Abramaitys

Bass and vocals for Apparitions, was born in Norfolk, VA, but has lived most of his life in Georgia. Now residing in Huntsville, Dave has been playing bass for five years, and professionally singing for four. His favorite things to occupy his time aside from performing, are making covers, watching anything horror, and spending time with loved ones.

Wyatt Farrior

Guitarist for Apparitions, Wyatt grew up and lives in Huntsville, AL. Playing guitar for 5 years, Wyatt is a self-taught musician, and band titled "genius". Outside of music, he enjoys lifting weights and spending time with his family. 


Joey Psychs

From Duluth, MN, Joey took up being a vocalist around 10 years ago and has pursued it since. After performing in various punk and metal bands, Joey has found a new home as the harsh vocalist for Apparitions. He now lives in Southaven, MS and in his spare time, enjoys video games, playing guitar and bass, and screaming at the light of the moon on the sabbath.


Apparitions Uses...

Wyatt Farrior: Axe FX 2 - Ibanez RG421PB - Schecter CR6 - Legator N8FOD

Dave Abramaitys: Axe FX 2 - Dingwall Ultraviolet Combustion - Traben Chaos 5

Joey Psychs: A microphone










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